• At Stella Maris, we pray that Mary, Star of the Sea, guide and protect them in their journeys on the high seas.

  • Their ship. Their home. For several months.

  • Volunteer bus drivers take them from their ships to the shopping centres, churches and seafarers’ centres.

  • … or by volunteers and staff who welcome them at the Stella Maris centres and visit them in hospitals.

  • When their ships dock on the port, they are nourished by Chaplains who visit them to celebrate Mass …

  • SEAFARERS travel for months on these ships to bring us specialised medical equipment, computer hardware, equipment for mining and farming, mobile phones, clothes and so many other items.

Welcome to Stella Maris, Australia

Known to seafarers around the world as Stella Maris, the Apostleship of the Sea ministry is now called Stella Maris globally. The organisation cares for the spiritual, social and material welfare of all seafarers regardless of colour, race or creed.

Stella Maris is the largest ship-visiting network in the world. We care for seafarers and fishers through our network of local chaplains and seafarer centres with expert information, advocacy, practical help and spiritual support.

Sea Sunday

Sea Sunday is the day set by many Christian Churches to remember, celebrate, pray for seafarers and their families and give thanks for their lives and work. It is officially held on Sunday, 21 July,  and Sunday, 28 July, 2024. Seafarers work tirelessly in the high seas throughout the year bringing us more than ninety percent of the goods we need.

In the Catholic Church, Sea Sunday is supported by Stella Maris around the world.

In Australia, Stella Maris Australia, prays for seafarers at Mass and provides resources for the parishes to use such as Prayers of the Faithful, Appeal Talk, Notes for the Bulletin, Poster and Images for digital and social media for Sea Sunday.

Parishioners have the opportunity to support this Catholic ministry through the Sea Sunday appeal. Its Stella Maris centres support seafarers’ welfare, and provide pastoral care and hospitality.

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