Mary, Star of the Sea, light of every ocean,
guide seafarers across all dark and stormy seas
that they may reach the haven of peace and light
prepared in Him who calmed the sea.
As we set forth upon the oceans of the world
and cross the deserts of our time, show us, O Mary,
the fruit of your womb, for without your Son we are lost.

Pray that we will never fail on life’s journey,
that in heart and mind, work and deed,
in days of turmoil and in days of calm,
we will always look to Christ and say,
“Who is this that even wind and sea obey him?”
Our Lady of Peace, pray for us!
Bright Star of the Sea, guide us!

Our Lady, Star of the Sea, pray for seafarers, pray for us.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Have mercy on all seafarers

Our Father. . .
Hail Mary. . .

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Pray for us
St Peter, Pray for us
St Andrew, Pray for us.

Let us pray
O God, in Your kindness, lead all seafarers through the perils of the ocean and bring them back in safety to their homes and friends. Guide them through the many temptations their way of life occasions. Inspire them to make fruitful use of the clubs and chapels Your Church has established for them, and grant that they may learn to love and follow You with strength and loyalty through Christ Our Lord. Amen

Prayer to the Infant of Prague
O Jesus, Who hast said, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. (request)

O Jesus, who hast said, all that you ask of the Father in My name, He will grant you through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Thy Father in Thy name that my prayer be granted. (request)

O Jesus, who has said, “heaven and earth shall pass away but My word shall not pass”, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. (request)

National Committee

Vision & Objectives

  • To promote a national perspective within the Apostleship of the Sea ministry, and to raise awareness nationally concerning the international imperatives of this ministry
  • To support the Bishop Promoter and National Director in representing Apostleship of the Sea in communicating with the Bishops’ Conference and the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, as required
  • To recommend policy in key areas, e.g. national formation, strategic planning, funding, national operating procedures, and training programs for approval by the Bishops Commission Social Justice – Mission & Service.
  • To support co-ordination across the network of Australian Stella Maris centres on national issues (e.g. communication processes; networking; fundraising; risk management; formation; stakeholder engagement; volunteer programmes).
  • To work in open dialogue with other like-minded organisations to further the Apostleship of the Sea ministry.
  • To work within the parameters of the Motu Proprio, Stella Maris.

The National Committee will work in conjunction with the Bishop Promoter and the National Director to coordinate the Apostleship of the Sea at a national level.

National Committee Members for 2018 – 21