Stella Maris Fremantle

The current pandemic has severely affected our Stella Maris services to the seafarers that arrive on our shores. Our Chaplains and Managers have not been allowed to visit ships. They also have not been allowed to pick up seafarers on our buses so they can be transported to our centres where they can relax, play games, play music or use our internet and computers.

It is even more challenging for all seafarers around the world who are not allowed to disembark ships to enjoy shore leave nor to travel home at the end of their contracts.

However, our Chaplains and Managers have found creative ways and means to reach out to the seafarers to assist them during this time of Covid-19. They have been ready and willing to procure supplies for seafarers and other necessary resources and services to ease the difficulty they are experiencing while sailing for long periods.

Among other things, the crew of cargo ships and cruise ships have been provided with care packs in most of our ports to let them know that we are still here to assist them, pray for them and care for them while they are on our shores, albeit, unable to physically visit our centres.

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